Required Core Capital / Retirement Fund Calculation

We have assumed Risk Tolerance as below average (post-retirement lifestyle stage). So, there are restrictions on maximum returns likely to be earned on the Retirement Fund. Assumed Asset Allocation could be: 30-50% Real Estate, 25-35% Diversified Equity, 25-35% Fixed Income and 5-7% Cash.

Long Term Returns on Investment (after tax) Min-Max Range = 7.00% to 15.00%

Inflation Min-Max Range = 3.00% to 6.00%

(Min 7.0, Max 15.0)
(Min 3.0, Max 6.0)
(in Lakhs, Min 1, Max 100)
{{fundRequired | number:2}} Lakhs Assuming inputs given
{{minFundRequired | number:2}} Lakhs Assuming Max Returns(15%) & Min Inflation(3%)
{{maxFundRequired | number:2}} Lakhs Assuming Min Returns(7%) & Max Inflation(6%)