Our Philosophy

The greatest thing in life is FREEDOM! There can be no real freedom without a reasonable degree of financial independence. It is a terrible thing to be compelled to be at a certain place, at a certain task (perhaps a task which one does not like) for a certain number of hours every working day of the week, for a whole life-time. In some ways this is the same as being in prison, since one's choice of action is always limited. It is really no better than being in prison with the privilege of a "trusty," and in some ways it is even worse because the man who is imprisoned has escaped the responsibility of providing a place to sleep, something to eat and clothes to wear. The only hope of escape from this life-long toil which curtails freedom is to form the habit of saving money, and then live up to that habit, no matter how much sacrifice it may require. There is no other way out for millions of people, and unless you are one of the rare exceptions this lesson and all these statements of fact are meant for YOU, and apply to you!
Napoleon Hill (The Law of Success - 1925)

I don’t have any trading secrets that guarantee stock-picking success. If I did, I would be selfishly hoarding them on a private tropical island I’d purchase with the windfall. In truth, it’s not that I haven’t found them, but that they don’t actually exist. Through my entire career working with hundreds of sell-side analysts at Wall Street’s largest firms to the thousands of clients I’ve met, I’ve never come across a low-risk, high-return investment strategy that could be used with consistency.
James Valentine, CFA (Best Practices For Equity Research Analysts - 2011)

For the applications of the sciences of uncertainty to real-world problems has had ridiculous effects; I have been privileged to see it in finance and economics. Go ask your portfolio manager for his definition of "risk," and odds are that he will supply you with a measure that excludes the possibility of the Black Swan—hence one that has no better predictive value for assessing the total risks than astrology
Nassim Nicholas Taleb (THE BLACK SWAN - The Impact of the HIGHLY IMPROBABLE - 2007)

We believe wealth creation or maintenance is a disciplined approach to create and maintain Strategic Asset Allocation which involves the following steps:

Create a Situational & Psychological Profile

  • Audit information of dependents and earning family members

  • Audit information of earning, expenses and savings trend to predict amount required for peaceful retirement (future lifestyle spending need)

  • Understand and make notes of behavioral biases

  • Audit insurances need and existing insurance products

  • Audit existing liability (loans)

  • Audit liquidity need (financial goals) that consumes wealth (over and above regular income) in future

  • Audit current wealth distribution

Create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Identify and audit Risk-Returns Profile based on Situational and Psychological Profile

  • Create a Long-term Strategic Asset Allocation Plan

Distribute current wealth according to IPS

Invest ongoing or future investments (SIPs) in line with IPS

Monitor Wealth, Economy, Expectations of future performance of asset classes

Make tactical adjustments if required as per guidelines mentioned in IPS

Audit new information related to investments, income, and expenses

Measure Performance against relevant Benchmark

  • Ensure investment management firm/investment manager adding value by generating alpha

Repeat above steps at a regular frequency